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Russian Artist Brings Baba Yaga Lego Set to Life

Russian artist Artyom Bizyaev pitched a Baba Yaga-themed playset to the Lego Ideas design contest.

Barbie and her pink Malibu dreamhouse have nothing on Baba Yaga, eastern Europe’s most famous fairy-tale witch who is equally feared and beloved.

So why not turn the Slavic folk character into a children’s toy, too?

St. Petersburg-based artist Artyom Bizyaev has done just that, pitching a Baba Yaga-themed playset to the Lego Ideas design contest.

Bizyaev’s Lego design includes figures of Baba Yaga as well as her companions Vasilisa the Fair, Bayun the cat and Vova the frog — plus, of course, Baba Yaga’s hut on chicken legs.

The hut comes equipped with all the accessories an ancient witch of the forest might need, from cookware and dishes to the giant mortar she uses to fly around in her free time.

While Baba Yaga is notorious for her child-eating ways, she also occasionally helps other Slavic folk characters who happen to wander into her forest. But only occasionally.

On Friday, Bizyaev’s idea received the needed 10,000 votes for the playset to be sold commercially — so you could be seeing this classic Russian folk tale figure on store shelves in the near future.

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