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Russian Eco-Disasters Spark Environmental Fears

The largest country in the world is facing a number of ecological crises.

In the past month alone, Russia’s environment has seen mass aquatic die-offs in not one, but two places.

In the Far East republic of Kamchatka, up to 95% of seabed life was wiped out in the Avacha Bay earlier this month, potentially devastating the local ecosystem.

In the republic of Kalmykia near the Caspian Sea, thousands of dead fish washed up on shore this weekend, prompting an investigation.

In Moscow, the nation’s capital, three different sites of pollution were spotted in the Moscow River last week alone.

While federal authorities have launched projects including a large-scale project to both test pollution levels in the Volga River as well as clean it up, many of Russia's fragile ecosystems remain under threat.