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Escape Moscow Day Trip to Zvenigorod


Zvenigorod is a historical town, 60 km east of Moscow. It takes about an hour by car, depending on the traffic, so it’s perfect for a day trip to escape the capital.
The small, almost 1000-year-old, town located on the river Moskva has quite a few things to offer for its visitors.
The Monastery “Savvino Storozhevskiy”, which is just a 5 min drive from the center of Zvenigorod, is definitely worth a visit. It is surrounded by beautiful nature on a hill, so don’t forget to enjoy the view from outside the monastery walls. But also inside it's really beautiful and peaceful. It reminded us a lot of Sergey Possad, but “Savvino Storozhevskiy” is smaller and less touristy. If you want to visit the churches inside, don’t forget to bring a scarf to cover your head inside the church (women only). The parking and entrance are free.
For those who would like to walk a bit more, we recommend to drive 3 min further through the forest to “Tserkov Nikolaya”. Here you will find on another parking lot, from where you walk to a spring and the two churches.
For lunch or a coffee break, we recommend a visit to the street “Kupchy Dvor”. This tiny street has a great atmosphere. All the shops, cafés and restaurants are in old nice wooden houses and they created really beautiful outdoor spaces on the street.
From here, it‘s a nice walk towards the river to see the old wooden houses. Also the museum “Back to the USSR” is worth a visit, if you still have time. But don’t forget to check the opening hours before you go there.
We hope we have inspired you with some nice tips for the weekend!
Location: Zvenigorod, Odintsovskiy Gorodskoy Okrug, Moscow Region
              Name of the Monastery: Savvino Storozhevskiy
              Name of the Churches close to the Monastery: Tserkov Nikolaya
              Name of the Walking Street: Kupchy Dvor
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