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Moscow's Golden-Pink Sunset Lifts the City's Spirits

Alexander Pushkin is allowed to enjoy sunsets at any time, regardless of anti-coronavirus measures. Valery Sharifulin / TASS

Moscow residents were treated to a magnificent sunset after Thursday evening's springtime rain that could still be enjoyed from one's window. 

The golden-pink sky and rainbow brought a much-needed burst of color into our lives — no filter required.

And while Muscovites are technically restricted from non-essential trips outside, some people just couldn't resist the urge to Instagram the sight from the street.

Here's a look at the view from every angle:

If you squint your eyes, it might feel like you're in Paris.

Just add some wistful acoustic music and you can feel like the star of your own indie movie.

The sprawling city skyline looks a lot more romantic in this lighting.

The rainbow that appeared soon after made the sight even more captivating.

We promise there's no Photoshop involved.

The sunset behind this monument to space travel near VDNKh makes it look as though a space launch is really happening.

You couldn't help but feel like you were in an impressionist painting — or maybe that's the feeling of being in self-isolation for too long.

Even pets can appreciate the beauty of colorful sky.

A short walk around the city to capture such a rare view sounds like the perfect evening.

Moscow is always stunning in its own way, but sunsets like yesterday's make it look even more beautiful.

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