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Russian TV Hosts Combat Coronavirus With The Power of Song

With their performance, the virus has surely been stopped in its tracks. Screenshot Vecherny Urgant / Youtube

A pair of popular Russian television hosts debuted a new song aimed at preventing the coronavirus from coming to Russia this week – and the results were about as bizarre as you’d expect. 

On Monday’s edition of the late-night talk show “Evening Urgant,” host Ivan Urgant brought out fellow television host Elena Malysheva to sing the unsettling duet. 

Set to the tune of a hit Russian song from the 90s, the remixed and revamped version features lyrics offering instructions for keeping safe from the coronavirus:

“Dear friend, don’t sneeze,

Take vitamins,

Let coronavirus know,

That it's not China here.

Dear friend, don’t sneeze,

Doesn’t matter what they say.

We defeated the Nazis,

We will also defeat this beast!”

There have been only two confirmed cases of coronavirus within Russia’s borders, both Chinese nationals who have since recovered from the fast-spreading illness. With their performance, Urgant and Malysheva have surely stopped the virus in its tracks.

Malysheva, who hosts a popular health show, previously entered the Russian meme hall of fame with her Billie Eilish tribute, performing a brief rendition of Eilish’s hit “Bad Guy” earlier this year.

Eilish herself debuted a Russian remix of  “Bad Guy” on “Evening Urgant” in September.

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