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U.S. Pop Star Billie Eilish Debuts Russian Remix of 'Bad Guy' on Russian TV

American singer Billie Eilish has not only soared to the top of the charts, but also into the hearts of Russia’s youth with her dark blend of electronic, hip-hop and pop music.

During her first visit to Russia — where she played sold-out shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg — the 17-year-old Generation Z icon made an appearance on the Russian late-night talk show “Evening Urgant” which aired Monday night.

The host invited Eilish to perform a Russian remix of her hit “Bad Guy” with the folk group "Repa & Poverye" ("Turnip & Belief"), who put a new spin on the song with traditional Russian instruments. 

Her part consisted of only one word: "Duh." Or maybe it was "da," which means “yes” in Russian. You be the judge.

Eilish's Russian fans call themselves "belyash," a mashup of the singer's first and last names that in the Russian language refers to a meat pie common in Tatar and Bashkir cuisines. As a gift, the host gave her a cookbook with recipes for the dish.