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Putin, Cheburashka and Alyonka: Here's How Russian Social Media Used FaceApp

RussianMemesLtd / Twitter

FaceApp, a face-editing photo app created by a Russian tech company called Wireless Lab, has gone viral after social media users from all over the world took the #FaceAppChallenge

Despite western experts' security concerns regarding personal data, people continue to share their old-age photos and make it with famous politicians, singers, cartoons characters and popular advertisement faces. Currently, it is one of the most downloaded apps across the globe and the most downloaded in Russia.

Here are our favorite images:

What an endless presidential term looks like:

A bit of imagination and new technologies finds unexpected similarities between popular characters:

Time spares no one, even Russia's iconic "Alyonka" chocolate girl.

The app was a hit on Russian televesion.

- Honey, where are you?

- At my grandma's

- Send a photo

- ...

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