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Russian Gravedigger Fakes Death To Avoid Paying Alimony Debt


There’s no limit to the things some people will do to get away from their debts, as one man in southern Russia recently showed by faking his own death.

The deathly debtor owed 200,000 rubles ($3,060) in child support after repeatedly failing to make alimony payments, according to the Federal Court Marshals Service’s office in the Astrakhan region.

Following unsuccessful attempts to locate the suspect at his residence, the bailiff went looking for him at his workplace: the local cemetery.

As soon as he spotted the bailiff hunting him down in the graveyard, the debtor jumped into a freshly dug grave he had just prepared, closing his eyes and pretending to be dead. The charade didn’t go on for too long, however, as he quickly “came alive” when his name was called out.

A procedural check is currently underway to determine if a criminal case should be opened against the debtor.

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