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‘Paralyzer’ Laser Drones Developed for the Russian Military – Reports

Sergei Vedyashkin / Moskva News Agency

Advanced new drones equipped with a stun gun and blinding laser have been developed for the Russian military, Interfax reported Wednesday citing an arms industry official.

Russian security forces have been increasingly turning to laser technologies over the past year. In November 2018, Russia's National Guard bought two laser-equipped vans designed to disperse protesters.

The newly developed drones have the ability to blind victims for short periods of time without inflicting serious harm to their health, Interfax reported, citing Yuri Klenov, an advisor to a military contractor.

“A terrorist, a criminal or an adversary can be neutralized even when in shelter or behind a window pane,” he was cited as saying.

The drones will also be equipped with a stun gun able to deliver an electroshock over a considerable distance and a camera that allows them to be controlled from the ground.

The new weapons will be presented to the public at an arms industry forum in May, according to Interfax.

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