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Crimean Reporters Feast on ‘Trump Cake’ to Mark TV Milestone


Pro-Russian journalists in annexed Crimea marked 60 years of television broadcasting on the peninsula with a cake made in the image of U.S. President Donald Trump.

“Who’d like a piece of Trump?” Simferopol-based journalist Oleg Kryuchkov can be heard asking as he cuts a slice of the shoulder, then nose in footage shared on Tuesday.

The knife is passed around and others are filmed slicing other parts of the cake, including the signature yellow hair and the ear, while others are visibly giddy stabbing the cake in the head. A colleague then “beheads” the cake and places it on the table as others film and giggle at the grotesque display.

The text on the Trump cake reads “Thanks for the sanctions.” The United States imposed economic sanctions on Russia for annexing Crimea two and a half years before Trump took office.

“They’ve been making our life and work miserable for five years,” Kryuchkov was quoted as saying in a since-deleted news piece shared by a Simferopol-based blogger. “That’s why Crimea’s ‘Kremlin propaganda’ will officially eat Trump and all the sanctions.”

Last week, a video showed Russia’s firebrand lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky cutting his Ukraine-shaped birthday cake along the line where he thought the Russia-Ukraine border should be.

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