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The Triangle Challenge Comes to Russia

nordstar__airlines / Instagram

First there was dabbing, then there was flossing. Now, a new viral dance trend has arrived: the Triangle Challenge.

The geometrically inspired, three-person move sounds easy enough on paper: Stand in a triangle with your arms locked on each other's shoulders, then take turns jumping into the middle. However, it's not quite as simple as it looks.

The dance, which originated on the TikTok app, recently made its way to Russian social media. Users have been happy to partake with their own attempts.

Check out a few of our favorites:

Three Nordstar flight attendants advise you not to attempt the dance until the seatbelt signs have been turned off. 

There is a medical precision to this variation of the Triangle. 

On the street, at work, in your kitchen: Everyone's doing it everywhere (with varying degrees of success.) 

What radio DJs get up to while the music is on. 

The dance is known to occur quite spontaneously. 

We're not saying we've tried, but it's harder than it looks. 

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