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Russian Military Is Bigger and Stronger Than in 2012, Defense Minister Says

Sergei Shoigu Mikhail Tereschenko / Moskva News Agency

The Russian military has significantly expanded and upgraded its weapons systems in the past six years, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told lawmakers on Monday.

The country’s military achievements between 2012 and 2018 have turned Russia’s military into a mobile force capable of projecting influence abroad, The Associated Press quoted the minister as saying at a meeting of the State Duma’s Defense Committee.

Below is a summary of key figures cited by Shoigu regarding the six-year period.

– The military received more than 3,700 new tanks and armored vehicles, over 1,000 warplanes and combat helicopters, 161 warships and seven submarines. Russia tested 316 pieces of the equipment in Syria.

– More than 200 intercontinental ballistic missiles, 57 military spacecraft and 17 Bal and Bastion coastal defense systems entered into service. Cruise missile numbers have grown thirtyfold and cruise missile carrier numbers have grown twelvefold.

– Ten brigades armed with Iskander missile systems have been formed.

– The number of contract soldiers has doubled to 394,000 servicemen since 2012.

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