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Shark Attack: Russia Goes Wild for Memes With Ikea Sharks

akula_innokentiy / Instagram

For reasons unbeknownst to us, Russia has gone wild with these sharks from Ikea. As with all things good and fun, the memes were quick to follow. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Not all sharks eat their dinner raw. 

Keeping warm with a coffee is not an activity limited to humans. 

This well-read shark never saw it coming. 

After years of practice, this culinary adventurer finally perfected his recipe. 

Good sharks brush their teeth before bed. 

You'll never believe the stuff you see on the internet these days. 

The most dangerous sharks are the ones who work in banking. 

Time to Netflix and chill with a glass of wine. 

We suggest these party sharks call a taxi instead. 

Never trust the news straight from a shark's mouth. 

Sharks of Anarchy are at it again. 

A shiver of sharks makes its way down the aisle. 

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