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Russian Man Who Rammed Store in Stolen Armored Vehicle Sentenced to 2.5 Years

A Russian man who jacked an armored vehicle that he later rammed through a storefront has been sentenced to 2.5 years behind bars.

The resident of the town of Apatity north of the Arctic Circle was first detained in early January driving a stolen KamAZ truck, regional prosecutors said Monday.

He was arrested less than a week later after jacking an armored personnel carrier from a local paramilitary sports society driving school to commit a video game-style burglary.

“Driving the aforementioned vehicle, the man drove into a shopfront, breaking the window. He then broke into the store, where he tried to steal alcoholic beverages but was detained by police officers at the crime scene,” the Murmansk region prosecutor’s office said.

They did not disclose the carjacker’s name or initials, apart from his 1988 year of birth.

An Apatity city court sentenced him to 2.5 years in a penal colony for the carjacking and the attempted burglary.

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