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Russia’s Answer to Elon Musk's SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch in Memes

Alexander Pelevin / Twitter @comrade_wolgast

When Elon Musk on Tuesday successfully launched a rocket toward Mars carrying a red Tesla, some saw it as a landmark moment for space exploration.

Others, however, saw Russia’s status as a cosmic superpower evaporate before their eyes. In the battle for space supremacy, SpaceX has defeated Roscosmos. And what better way to digest that news than with a meme?

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson made a comeback, saying: “I’m sending you on a journey for which no amount of petrol will suffice.”

Your rocket vs. the rocket of your mother's friend's son.

Of course, no Russian meme is complete without Vladimir Putin. "The photo Musk is hiding from us."

Russia's "symmetrical answer" to SpaceX's success.

Trust Russia's traffic police to disrupt even the most epic of journeys.

"I forgot to switch off the iron."

Nowhere to run from an angry girlfriend. "Where are you running off to? I haven't finished speaking."

Trying to find a parking spot in a typically swamped parking lot outside Soviet-era apartments.

Piglet Pyotr, the Russian symbol for those who want to emigrate, is in the front seat.

And who would ever be able to leave anywhere without getting a message from their mother asking whether they haven't forgotten to put their hat on!

Maybe, this commenter suggests, Russians can only hope for divine intervention.

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