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Angry Moscow Residents Throw Food at City Workers Clearing Snow


When it comes to venting their frustration at taxpayer-funded municipal services, Muscovites have no qualms about expressing their feelings out in the open.

Residents disgruntled with the pace of snow-clearing efforts after the “storm of the century” are venting by pelting municipal workers and snowplows with foodstuffs, according to City Hall.

According to Moscow’s Deputy Pyotr Biryukov, citizens “don’t like the fact that street cleaners and machine operators are cleaning the yard and territory surrounding apartment blocks at night,” he said.

“Food products are being thrown at these workers, they open [their] fridges and throw eggs at the workers,” Biryukov told the state-run Vesti FM radio station Tuesday.

“Moreover, irresponsible citizens are taking rubber-bullet handguns and shooting this [snow-clearing] equipment,” he said.

Weather forecasters said that Moscow’s weekend snowfall was the heaviest to hit the Russian capital in the past century.

In the Vesti FM interview, Biryukov urged Muscovites to be patient and promised to clear the city of snow by next week.

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