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U.S. Stokes Siberian Separatist War in New Russian Film

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The U.S. State Department and George Soros are funding efforts for Siberia to secede from Russia — or so goes the script of an upcoming feature film depicting Russia’s steps to prevent an American-funded civil war.

The Kremlin routinely accuses U.S. financier Soros and the State Department of interfering in Russia’s domestic affairs and backing pro-democracy "color revolutions" in countries bordering Russia in the past decade.

On Tuesday, the U.S.-run RFE/RL outlet’s new regional branch Sibir.Realii previewed a trailer for an upcoming movie about a "color revolution” within Russia’s borders.

The film, “Ne Zhizn — Yerunda” (Senseless Life), features a Siberian journalist who gets tipped off to a secessionist movement spearheaded by Soros and the State Department. 

The journalist then goes on a recruiting mission to keep Russia from splintering, but faces resistance from local officials.

In a dramatic twist, she is then forced to seek the help of a man whose brother was appointed as the State Department’s local representative.

The movie's director, Artyom Kim, told a local news outlet that filming is two-thirds finished and that he expects production to be completed by 2018.

“This isn’t a movie for the masses, I’d even call it ‘indie, auteur.’ That is to say, ‘something to think about’,” Kim told on Tuesday.

“It’s quite difficult to find people who are ready to work on enthusiasm," he added, referring to the film's low budget.

The upcoming feature film follows the release of a pro-FSB series that premiered on state-run Channel One last month. Accusations of propaganda prompted its director to announce that he’ll leave filmmaking.

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