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Russian News Sites Forced Offline After Outage

Pixabay/ MT

A power outage at a French internet provider has brought down a handful of Russian news websites, including the Vedomosti business daily.

The Interfax news agency suffered a large-scale virus attack two weeks ago by a malicious software that demands a ransom to recover computer data.

On Thursday, Vedomosti said on Telegram that both its website and smartphone app were down.

“The problem occurred on the side of the provider, work is being done to resolve it,” Vedomosti wrote in an update.

The news websites Rosbalt and Znak also reported their websites were down.

Rosbalt’s chief editor Nikolay Ulyanov told the RBC business portal that the website was inaccessible because of an accident at a data center in France.

The French-based OVH hosting provider’s website was down at the time of posting. Its founder wrote on Twitter Thursday that the company was working to restore power at its facilities.

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