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First Snow Falls on Moscow

Zykov Kirill / Moskva News Agency

The Russian capital was treated to the first snow of the season on Saturday, and more light snowfall was predicted for Moscow throughout the week.

Forecasters on Sunday recorded the lowest temperatures since the start of the fall, according to the Interfax news agency.

For Monday, Russia’s Federal Meteorological Service has predicted temperatures to hover slightly above 0 degrees Celsius with light snow. Temperatures are expected to dip below 0 C on Thursday, with heavier snowfall expected over the weekend.

Muscovites took to social media en masse to share pictures of the first snowflakes, though in some parts of Russia the drop to freezing temperatures is already old news.

"And we already have snow!"


A post shared by Аleksandra 🍀🍀🍀 (@aleksa_a_kos) on

Good morning snow!
Fell asleep in autumn, woke up in winter.
Good morning from Vladimir!
Snow always comes by surprise. Good morning everyone!

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