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Shootout Erupts in Ingushetia After Man Compliments Own Wife Online

Adam "The Beard" Yandiev in a fight YouTube

Complimenting your spouse on social media might seem like a nice gesture. But in Ingushetia, it can end in a shootout between members of local clans, the Yandievs and the Belkharoyevs.

The conflict began when Adam “The Beard” Yandiev, a well-known Ingush mixed martial arts fighter and friend of Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov, decided he wanted the world to know that he really loves his wife, Aisha. He posted about her on Instagram and expressed his feelings in conversations with friends and acquaintances.

While Aisha may have appreciated kind words, they didn't fly with many Ingush. Tradition there dictates that men should not show their emotions. Members of the Belkharoyev clan, who also consider themselves friends of Kadyrov, began to publicly criticize Adam.

The conflict, which may have built upon preexisting friction between the two families, reached a breaking point this week.

On May 2, Adam Yandiev was dining with his wife in a local restaurant when several his critics burst in and attacked the mixed martial arts fighter. After this, the fighter's 29-year-old cousin, 2006 Junior World Champion in boxing Ilyez Yandeiv, got involved. He summoned the attackers to a meeting at another local restaurant.

However, as soon as Ilyez Yandiev arrived at the restaurant, two men in masks appeared and began shooting at him, the LifeNews website reported. Ilyez Yandiev was subsequently rushed to the hospital with wounds to his kidney and his lower back.

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