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Dozens of Cows Starve to Death, Littering the Countryside of This Russian Village


Dozens of cows are dropping dead from starvation in the Russian village of Remezovo, not far outside the city of Irkutsk. Locals complain that the countryside is littered with bovine corpses, and stray dogs are dragging pieces of dead cattle all over town.

“When you find yourself at the edge of Remezovo, the first thing you feel is shock. All around, there are dozens of cow corpses. A cemetery naturally emerged here two weeks ago. And it’s still growing,” a reporter from Vesti Irkutsk wrote this Monday.

One eyewitness told Vesti that at least 40 cows have collapsed and died, so far. Every third dead cow is reportedly a calf.

The animals are all from an abandoned local farm that used to be one of the biggest in the region. This winter, the farm’s director fell ill, leaving a friend in charge. Vesti’s news crew was unable to locate him, however, and it remains unclear why the cows were left to starve.

Until recently, Remezovo locals had to make peace with all the dead cattle spread across the countryside. A regional official told Vesti that the federal government has placed fire-prevention restrictions on the area, making it illegal to incinerate the animal corpses without the authorities’ permission. After two weeks, officials are finally starting to dispose of the dead cows.

But more cattle are still wandering the village, searching for the first grass of the spring. If they don’t find enough of it in time, Remezovo could be in for more morbid scenes along its roads.

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