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Moscow: News and Openings



Movies with your shoes off 

Newtone is a cinema-cum-cafe where you can organize private viewings, watch sports with friends or hold celebrations for your kids. Prices range from 400 rubles ($7) per hour for a small hall to 1,000 rubles for a large one (which can fit up to 25 people). Bring your own movie, send a link or log into your Apple TV account. The screens are from 2-3 meters wide and you can order pizza, sushi or bring your own food. 


Drones at the shopping mall 

Moscow fans of aerial photography, rejoice! Russia’s DJI-authorized reseller has opened in the Metropolis shopping mall. Chinese tech company Currently number one in the civilian drone industry, DJI produces unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for aerial photography and video. The store also has a pilot school, where you can learn how to operate a drone. A standard drone costs about 41,000 rubles ($720). 


Grilled meat and wine 

Edge is a new grill restaurant doubling as a wine bar in the Taganka neighborhood. Located in a mansion built at the end of the 19th century, it has a very bright interior. There are 80 items on the wine list, from prosecco and limited release cava to rare orange Rkatsiteli from Georgia. More than 26 types of wine are available by the glass. 

Berlin Bar 

Ostchic moves further east 

This bar is founded by celebrity German expat and DJ Chris Helmbrecht. The interior is by award-winning Berlin designer Thilo Ferdinand Reich, known for his work at bars Saint Jean and The Coven. The menu includes Berlin specials like currywurst and other German favorites – meatballs with potato salad and herring rolls. Cocktails start from 550 rubles ($9.75). The bar is open Thursday-Saturday only, from 6 p.m. 

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