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Steven Seagal Withdraws From Plan to Reinvent Russian Trade Fairs

Steven Seagal Kremlin Press Service

Russia’s favorite American, action movie star Steven Seagal, has withdrawn his stake in a Russian company specializing in developing exhibition halls across the country.

Seagal owned a 20 percent stake in Russkye Yarmarki, which was founded in November 2016., the RBC news service reported on Thursday.

The company, which initially gathered some $2.5 billion in investment, hoped to “revive industrial and agricultural fairs” by building dedicated exhibition spaces in 85 Russian regions.

A representative for Seagal told RBC that his decision to withdraw from the company was due to his involvement in other projects. He declined to specify what those projects were.

Seagal has been involved in a number of advertisements and business proposals since November 2016, when President Vladimir Putin awarded him with a Russian passport.

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