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Russian Collusion With Trump 'Illogical,' says Kremlin

Andrew Harnik / AP

Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said reports that the FBI had confirmed links between Trump campaign and Russian intelligence were “not deserving to be commented on.”

“It's the usual information from unclear sources that defies reason and doesn't deserve to be commented on,” Peskov told reporters March 23.

Allegations that the Trump team and Kremlin coordinated the release of information designed to undermine the credibility of presidential rival Hillary Clinton have been ongoing. CNN's report, however, suggests the FBI may have found credible information that prove the allegations to be true.

CNN's sources are anonymous U.S. officals and the information they have provided to the U.S. television network remains unverified.

The U.S. officials, according to CNN, even cautioned: “information was inconclusive and the investigation is ongoing.”

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