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Russia's Latest Instagram Trend: Renting Hundreds of Roses for the Ultimate Selfie

Rosekrsk / Instagram

Forget filters or photoshop: Russians are now renting giant bouquets of roses in a bid to wow their followers as part of the country's hottest new social media trend. 

Instead of relying on relatives for envy-inspiring gifts, aspiring models are taking matters into their own hands: renting flowers in advance to ensure they get the ultimate selfie.

For a standard fee of 1000 rubles ($17.20), Instagram-addicts can rent a bouquet of 101 roses for a 10-minute modelling session.

Pop-up companies are advertising the deal on social media as the perfect treat for Women's Day on March 8: a holiday often celebrated as the Russian equivalent to Valentine's Day. Many are urging women to seize the chance to be "the envy of their followers."

For an added touch of rented glamor, women can also pay to pose with empty shopping bags from top design brands or luxury Moscow department store TSUM.

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March 8, or International Women's Day, has been celebrated in Russia since 1913.

While many countries use the occasion to champion women's rights, the Russian holiday is a closer equivalent to Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. The festivities usually see men present gifts of candy and flowers to their wives, girlfriends, or mothers.

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