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Eight Mind-Blowing Quests in Moscow


The idea behind the recent quest craze in Moscow is simple enough—you take a computer game off line, put a team of players in an impossible situation, and they attempt to get out of it. The first quests appeared in Moscow in 2013. In 2014 there were already several companies running quests, and by 2015, it turned into a full-fledged obsession. Several hundred quests are currently available in Moscow. We picked the most interesting.

The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe 

Solve the famous case 

The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe is by Kinokvest, a company that organizes quests based on famous films or cinema-related stories. It’s a quest-investigation set in the America of the 1960s. Players have to investigate the death of Marilyn Monroe. The details have been carefully copied from the actual items that belonged to the actress. Monroe room, where she spent her last night, was reconstructed from archival photographs. It looks incredibly beautiful and real, so you might think you’re in the original apartment. Players say that it’s great that the story’s finale is also very realistic. 

+7 (499) 653 9065 

13 Izmaylovskoye Shosse 

Metro Semenovskaya

Santa’s Factory 

Help Santa to save Christmas 

Santa’s Factory is a quest for kids, where they get to be Santa’s little helpers. Here you have a sleigh and a magic fireplace, the whole works. At the entrance you have to put on comfortable fur slippers. postcards haven’t been sent yet, presents are not ready and a Christmas party is under a threat! You and your team of elves are the last hope. Try to find out who is going to spoil the holiday and stop them before midnight comes. 

+7 (926) 886 7709 

18 Ulitsa Shabolovka, Bldg. 2 

Metro Shabolovskaya

The Polar Station 

Travel to the South Pole without leaving Moscow 

The Polar Station is a romantic quest just for two. Perfect for fans of Jack London stories about the North. You will be given extra coats, but dress warm just in case. Part of an expedition to the South Pole, you were hit by a storm and lost any connection to the outside world. There is an abandoned polar station nearby and you must fix the equipment to send a distress signal. The big storm is coming and you need to hurry, otherwise the rescue team won’t be able to save you. 

+7 (985) 787 0047 

46/50 Kosmodamianskaya Naberezhnaya, Bldg. 1 

Metro Paveletskaya


How to get away with a robbery 

Casino is a series of quests by the Exit company. Located in one building, all the rooms in this quest form a consistent story. The casino is managed by a ruthless psychopath and mystic, Jack Crayton. The house always wins and the only way to outsmart Jack is to rob the casino, which is what the teams of players are tasked with. Every room has a different assignment, but the most curious one is Options for Retreat, where you need to carefully plan your exit strategy. 

+ 7 (495) 211 4030 

21 Ulitsa Novy Arbat 

Metro Arbatskaya, Smolenskaya 

I, Robot 

Travel into space with a hologram 

I, Robot is a quest for the whole family. Saving the world can be fun and you get strapped into a space ship and go to a station where there’s been a fire. You need to figure out the reasons behind the incident, put out the fire and decide whether to believe whether the space station’s manager is a robot or a human. Another bonus is that the quest’s leader, who is giving you directions and useful tips, is an actual hologram. 

+7 (916) 478 9411 

11 Ulitsa Baumanskaya, Loft 7 

Metro Baumanskaya

The House of Bella 

Haunted house quest 

The House of Bella is a quest-performance by Cherdak — Crazy Quests company. It’s a scary adventure in an old mansion with antiques and a mysterious inhabitant. You are lucky enough to be the sole heir of a deceased relative, who bequeathed a house with all its furniture to you. But someone’s already taken charge of the family house and you’d better keep out of her way. The interior of the House of Bella was developed by people who worked on several sets for films and TV series, and it feels like the inside of a horror movie. It’s a mystical adventure with unexpected plot twists. 

+7 (964) 622 2274 

3 rubtsovskaya naberezhnaya, bldg. 17 

Metro elektrozavodskaya  

Secret Conspiracy 

Perfect treat for a conspiracy theorist 

Secret Conspiracy is organized by the World of Quests. The Brotherhood of Masons intends to carry out a revolution in a country, which would lead to major calamities across the world. You need to uncover the conspiracy and stop this global crisis. This quest is special because it has virtually no “search and find” assignments or mathematical puzzles. It will test your logic, attentiveness and agility. The equipment and the props on this quest seem to be rather expensive. The location consists of several spacious rooms. 

+7 (926) 453 7078 

10  Ulitsa Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya

Metro Prospekt Mira

Crossroads of Time 

A quest for technology buffs 

Crossroads of Time is organized by the company Seryoznie Igry (Serious Games). An eccentric professor created dozens of marvelous devices and each can change the world. You are to understand the ingenious mechanisms and complete the work of the scientist, who left behind a laboratory filled with an incredible number of inventions. You also need to solve a mystery, and the destiny of the entire planet depends on it. 

+7 (495) 151 1019 

5 Likhov Pereulok 

Metro Trubnaya, Tsvetnoy Bulvar

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