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Vanity Fair Says It's ‘No Accident’ Putin and Lenin Share the Same Patronymic, Even Though They Don't


Henry Porter, an English author and journalist and the British editor of Vanity Fair, has discovered something diabolical about Vladimir Putin, who Porter says is busy unfurling a “master plan” to dissolve the European Union.

In an article published by Vanity Fair on Wednesday, Porter announced that Russia’s current president is “a former K.G.B. agent who, it is no accident, shares the name Vladimir Ilyich with Lenin.”

When readers pointed out that Vladimir Putin’s patronymic is actually Vladimirovich, not Ilyich, Vanity Fair changed the text to read, “a former K.G.B. agent who, it is no accident, shares the name Vladimir with Lenin.”

										 					Screenshot of Vanity Fair's website
Screenshot of Vanity Fair's website

In a note added to the bottom of the article, Vanity Fair explained, “This article has been updated to more clearly reflect the patronymic similarities between Putin and Lenin,” despite the fact that Putin’s patronymic and Lenin’s patronymic are entirely different. At the time of this writing, Vanity Fair’s inaccurate correction is still posted on its website.

Vladimir, which means roughly “the one with peace on his side,” is one of the oldest and most common male names in the Slavic world.

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