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Russian Jet Crashes Into Sea During Attempted Landing on Kuznetsov Carrier

Defense Ministry

A Russian Su-33 fighter jet has crashed into the Mediterranean Sea during an attempt to land on the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Monday.

According to the Defense Ministry, the crash happened when the carrier's arresting gear broke and the pilot failed to execute a proper go-around procedure. Weather and visibility conditions were reportedly good. 

The pilot managed to eject and was picked up by the carrier's search and rescue services. He was unharmed. 

This is the second crash in three weeks involving a plane attempting to land on the Admiral Kuznetsov's deck. The first crash, involving a Mig-29, was also due to broken arresting gear.

According to preliminary information, the Mig-29 pilot requested permission to divert to an airbase in Syria but was denied. While the crew of the Kuznetsov attempted to repair the arresting gear, the Mig-29 ran out of fuel and the pilot was forced to eject. 

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