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Strengthen Anti-Russia Sanctions to Stop World War III, Savchenko Tells Trump

AP/Efrem Lukatsky

Ukrainian politician Nadezhda Savchenko has asked U.S. President-elect Donald Trump to “prevent World War III” by strengthening sanctions against Russia.

Savchenko, a former fighter pilot and Russian prisoner of war, asked Trump to help Kiev to fight “Russian aggressors” with international diplomatic, technical, military support.

“[Russia] understands only force and resolve,” she wrote in an open letter on Facebook. “You have [that resolve] personally, and your country has it as a world power.”

“When the world community adhered to the policy of appeasement ... [it led] to the biggest catastrophe of 20th century,” she wrote. “You have all possibilities to prevent World War III.”

“I appeal to you with the kindly request to maintain and even to strengthen sanctions for Russian Federation [sic].”

Savchenko also asked Trump to advocate on the behalf of Ukrainian prisoners, claiming that the United States had been a role model in the country's own Maidan uprising.

“[Ukraine] has lost part of its territory, ten thousands of its soldiers, volunteers, civilians have been killed on the battle-field, a great number of Ukrainian hostages are illegally detained in the prisons and are subjected to torture by the Russian Federation.

“Standards of living have fallen by more than three times as a result of inflicted damage by [this] aggressor to the economic institutions of Ukraine. But we are all consistent in our fight for freedom, democratic values and against tyranny."

Republican candidate Trump, an outspoken and flamboyant businessman who has never held public office, defeated his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8. He has largely been seen as the Kremlin's preferred candidate, with major Russian politicians hosting champagne parties to celebrate his rise to power.

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