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Russians Choose Dr. House, Sherlock Holmes as Ideal Bosses

In a poll conducted by the research center and job portal, Russian respondents chose Dr. House as their ideal boss among celebrities and fictional characters.

According to an earlier poll conducted by the center, Russians chose professionalism, competence, intelligence, dedication, and strategic thinking as the five qualities of top bosses. Seeing consistencies in qualities between top executives and most the popular TV/film personalities, the research center decided to have a bit of fun with their next poll.

The center posed the open-ended question, “Who are the famous heroes of film or television that you'd like to have as your supervisor?”

The cynical, sociopathic Dr. House won the majority of the votes with 6 percent out of the 1,000 respondents.

Sherlock Holmes, regardless of the actor behind the role, garnered the second highest amount of votes, winning 4 percent overall.

Following Sherlock in the rankings was another doctor, Andrei Bykov from the Russian medical sitcom “Interns.”

More narcissists followed, overwhelmingly chosen by men, including the Wolf of Wall Street and Tony Stark.

The female respondents to the poll were singularly responsible for the presence of female characters and personalities in the list of results, such as Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada” film.

Also more popular among female respondents were men such as Harvey Specter from “Suits,” Dean Winchester of “Supernatural,” and international man of mystery James Bond.

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