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Moscow's Recently Repaired Streets to Be Dug Up Yet Again

Less then a year after Moscow’s extensive roadworks were completed, the newly renovated streets are set to undergo another round of digging, the RBC news agency reported Friday.

The previous, city-wide roadworks outraged Muscovites over their duration and reportedly “ignored the interests” of the Information Technology Department.

More than 2.6 billion rubles ($40 million) will be allocated from the city budget to build an additional 40 kilometers of cable collectors beneath the recently renovated streets. The 2015 repairs of the same highways cost Moscow about 10.2 billion rubles ($157 million), RBC reported.

New roadworks will be carried out by the companies responsible for the previous repairs. Two of them, reportedly tied to Pyotr Biryukov — Moscow's deputy mayor for housing and public works — have already received contracts valued at 1 billion rubles, RBC reported.

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