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Volunteer Cops to Raid Moscow Beaches

Activists will be raiding city beaches in a fight against public order violations such as drinking and smoking, the head of the Moscow City Duma's security committee announced Wednesday.

Irina Svyatenko told the Moskva news outlet that members of the Safe Capital organization, a project providing volunteers to help police patrol Moscow's streets, will be carrying out inspections from June 1.

"Activists will be ensuring order on the beaches, together with the police,” Svyatenko said. “It is strictly forbidden to smoke or to drink alcohol on the beaches, except the specially designated areas."

Safe Capital volunteers will also be maintaining order at potentially rowdy school graduation celebrations, and ensuring that Muscovites aren't tempted to swim away from designated areas, Moskva reported.

"We have a list of beaches where swimming is forbidden, but, nevertheless, we see [groups of young people] resting in the water, paying no attention to the warning boards," said Svyatenko.

Safe Capital held its first raid in May 2015, and was later registered as a public association aiding law enforcement.

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