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Moscow Hard-Currency Mortgage-Holders Storm United Russia Office

A group of hard-currency mortgage-holders used force to enter the Moscow office of the United Russia political party, the Meduza news agency reported Tuesday.

About 150 activists gathered at the office entrance, their representative Alexander Prikhodko told the RBC news agency.

Office security blocked the entrance and let five people enter at a time, but the mortgage-holders tore down a fence and entered the hall of the building, Meduza reported.

"People are at a boiling point now. The problem is only getting worse and no results are visible,” said Prikhodko.

State Duma Deputy Khozh Magomed Vakhayev met with the activists and promised to carefully consider their appeal.

The protesters demanded that they be allowed pay back their mortgages at the rate of 39 rubles per dollar, the deputy head of the central executive committee of United Russia Pavel Klimovsky told RBC.

Klimovsky told RBC that the activists appeared to calm down after their meeting with the State Duma deputy.

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