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Crimean Chersonesus Museum Does Not Belong to Russia - UNESCO

UNESCO does not recognize Russian ownership of the Chersonesus museum-reserve in the southwest of the Crimean Peninsula, Russia's representative to UNESCO Eleonora Mitrofanova told the Interfax news agency Thursday.

The organization's decision is based on a vote held among the members of the United Nations, according to Mitrofanova. "Crimea has not been recognized as Russian territory in international legal terms yet," she said, Interfax reported.

However, Mitrofanova noted that the museum had received funding and conducted restoration work after being placed under Russian jurisdiction.

Kiev claims that "this object of cultural heritage belongs to Ukraine, and Russian laws are powerless there, but that is not correct," Mitrofanova added.

The Chersonesus museum-reserve consists of the remains of an ancient settlement, unique rural areas of the city and two medieval fortresses. The museum was included in UNESCO's world heritage list in 2013.

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