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World-Class Medical Complex for Moscow's Skolkovo

An international medical complex will be built in the Moscow region town of Skolkovo within five to seven years, the Vedomosti newspaper reported Thursday, citing a city official.

The Skolkovo Foundation, a state-funded scientific and technological foundation, will allocate 58 out of its 400 hectares of land for the construction of the medical complex, Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khasnullin told the newspaper.

The complex will be located on an area of about 490,000 square meters and investment in the project will total 80 billion rubles ($1 billion).

Moscow authorities expect that the new facility will provide Russian citizens with the highest standards of health care, which will reduce the number of Russians going abroad for medical treatment.

About 80,000 Russians travel to other countries for medical care annually, spending about 2 billion rubles ($26 million) in total, the newspaper reported, citing data from City Hall.

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