Estonian Officer Accused of Espionage Cooperated With FSB – Lawyer

Estonian internal security officer Eston Kohver, sentenced by a Russian court to 15 years in prison for espionage, cooperated with the Federal Security Service (FSB) immediately after being detained, his former lawyer Mark Feigin told Postimees newspaper in an interview published Monday.

“I saw the documents. How could I assert this otherwise? I was his lawyer for some time,” Feigin told the Estonian newspaper, Interfax reported.

Kohver's decision to cooperate with the FSB prompted Feigin and his colleague Nikolai Polozov to stop defending him, the lawyer said.

FSB officers detained Kohver on Russia's border with Estonia in September last year. He was accused of crossing the border illegally while carrying arms.

Estonian authorities argued that Kohver was illegally detained on Estonian territory. Brussels and Washington said Russia violated international law in handling the case and expressed concern that his rights to a proper legal defense were violated.

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