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Moscow Region Bus Drivers Ordered to be More Polite

Bus drivers in the Moscow region are now officially prohibited from being aggressive, malevolent or arrogant toward their passengers, according to new service standards released by the local transportation authority.

MosTransAuto, the bus carrier serving the Moscow region, released what it described as the "standards of passenger service" on Monday.

"The MosTransAuto service standards categorically forbid aggressiveness, being unbalanced, malevolent, impolite, haughty, dismissive toward the opinions of others, or the use of crude and unprintable lexicon," the company said in a statement on its website.

MosTransAuto's director Alexander Zaitsev said in a statement that drivers and ticket collectors on buses needed to be more attentive to passengers.

"Passengers see those employees in the morning, when they are going to work, and the good mood of the passengers for the whole day depends largely on them," he said.
The courtesy standards of public transportation drivers in the region have been known to occasionally been lacking.

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