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Spider Webs, Droppings Found in Porridge at Russian Kindergarten

A routine check at a kindergarten in Russia's far eastern city of Khabarovsk has revealed toddlers were fed porridge laced with insects and excrement, the regional branch of the agricultural watchdog said Wednesday.

Inspectors visiting the city's Kindergarten No. 41 found that six food items intended for consumption by the tots were in violation of food safety standards, the watchdog said in an online statement.

Flour mites were found in buckwheat porridge at the kindergarten while inspectors also found traces of droppings and spider webs in wheatmeal, according to the statement. Four other food products also violated food safety standards, it added.

An investigation has been opened in connection with the violations, the watchdog said.

The discovery comes just weeks after inspectors found beetle larvae in grains served to children at Kindergarten No. 138, also in Khabarovsk, according to the regional watchdog.

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