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Chubby Siberian Heroin Dealer Nabbed Amid Failed Effort to Fit Through Fence

A Siberian drug dealer's efforts to outfox police hit a snag when her generous girth caused her to get stuck in a fence, Kemerovo news site reported Wednesday.

The dealer and two accomplices had been conducting sales out of a building near Kemerovo's railway station.

After catching wind of the operation, law enforcement officers broke into the building, detaining the two male accomplices.

The female dealer took off running, but her escape efforts were thwarted when she wound up wedged in a fence, the report said. She was detained on the spot.

During a search of the building, police officers discovered copious amounts of heroin divided into small parcels.

Local transportation police issued a statement Tuesday announcing that a criminal case has been launched on a charge of attempt to sell a large amount of heroin.

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