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Russia's Anti-Gay Crusader Wants to Outlaw 'Game of Thrones'

According to Milonov, cult series “Game of Thrones” is an obvious contender for what would not qualify for the quality mark.

Outspoken Russian politician Vitaly Milonov has called for the creation of a national media ideology that would single out as harmful content depicting behavior that does not conform to “traditional values” such as the hit U.S. television series “Game of Thrones,” Russian newspaper Izvestia reported on Monday.

Milonov, a deputy in St. Petersburg's Legislative Assembly and co-author of Russia's original anti-gay propaganda law, has submitted his proposal for the development of a “plan for the defense of the domestic information space” to the Ministry of Culture, Izvestia reported, citing a copy of the plan. Under the proposal, products deemed appropriate for mass consumption would be given a “mark of quality,” while anything deemed inappropriate would not.

According to Milonov, who is known in Russia for his conservative positions and heated statements against homosexuality, cult series “Game of Thrones” is an obvious contender for what would not qualify for the quality mark. The series, an adaptation of George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” about the struggle for power in a group of ancient kingdoms, features frequent violence in its plot, as well as rape, incest and Milonov's personal bete noire, homosexuality.

“Every tenth character in it ['Game of Thrones'] is a sexual deviant,” Milonov was cited as saying by Izvestia.

“It is precisely through this kind of content and its popularization that a new model is introduced in our conscience, leading people to believe that certain things and events are normal,” said the lawmaker, who admitted he had not watched a single episode of the series.

Milonov expressed concern over the negative role of television and the Internet — in the West in particular — in shaping the minds of young individuals, and described information as one of the most dangerous weapons in the destabilization of a nation, Izvestia reported.

The initiative has already received the support of representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, the paper reported.

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