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Factbox: Russian Warships Delayed by Ukraine Crisis

Admiral Gorshkov-class Frigate

The spat between Moscow and Kiev that erupted after the annexation of Crimea last year has cut Russia's shipbuilding industry off from vital supplies of defense equipment produced in Ukraine and frozen construction of three classes of next-generation Russian warship.

Due to the disruptions, the Admiral Gorshkov-class and Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates and the Gremyashchy-class corvette — Russia's answers to the U.S.'s Freedom-class and Independence-class vessels — will take years longer to emerge from their yards onto the high seas.

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The Moscow Times looked at the Russia's boats' stats.

Admiral Gorshkov-class Frigate

Russian designation: Project 22350

Displacement: 4,550 tons

Length: 135 meters

Deployment length: 30 days

Top speed: 29.5 knots (54.6 kilometers per hour)

Russian navy orders: eight

Combat roles: long-range missile attacks, anti-submarine warfare and escort of larger vessels

Admiral Grigorovich-class Frigate

M. Mazumdar/ Bharat-Rakshak / Wikicommons

A Talwar-class frigate, designed in Russia for the Indian navy, which is almost identical to the new Grigorovich-class boats.

Russian designation: Project 11356

Displacement: 4,000 tons

Length: 124.8 meters

Deployment length: 30 days

Top speed: 32 knots (59 kilometers per hour)

Russian navy orders: six

Combat roles: anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and escort duties. Also suited to support amphibious landings.

Gremyashchy-class Corvette

Morozov L.N. / Wikicommons

The Gremyashchy-class corvette design is based on this older Steregushchy-class corvette.

Russian designation: Project 20385

Displacement: 2,220 tons

Length: 104 meters

Deployment length: 15 days

Top speed: 27 knots (50 kilometers per hour)

Russian navy orders: 10 (only two will be completed, remaining eight canceled)

Combat roles: coastal defense, short-range escort, anti-air, anti-submarine and amphibious landing support.

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