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Escaped Pet Leopard Causes a Stir in Moscow

Officials in Moscow have launched an investigation after two leopard cubs were discovered living in an apartment building on Shelepinskaya Naberezhnaya, the Interfax news agency reported Monday.

Staff at the city's department of natural resources said they were alerted to the presence of the leopards after one of the animals leapt from a third-story apartment window onto the street below.

An eyewitness identified only as Annush said that she heard a banging sound and that when she turned around she saw a leopard-like animal dive from a building overhang onto a car below, LifeNews reported.

A video of the leopard allegedly involved in the incident was also published by LifeNews, which reported that the animal was domesticated and that wardens faced no difficulty catching it.

The animals have since been sent to a holding center in Moscow but their owner has yet to be identified, the Interfax news agency cited a spokesperson for the department of natural resources as saying.

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