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Roof Activist Known for Russian Stunt Goes to Fight for Ukraine

Mustang Wanted shot to fame for a stunt in Moscow in which he climbed to the top of one of Moscow's iconic Stalin-era skyscrapers and painted the star on top of it in the blue and yellow colors of Ukraine's national flag.

A Ukrainian activist famed for his daring rooftop stunts and known by the nickname "Mustang Wanted" has gone to fight alongside Ukrainian forces against pro-Russian insurgents in the country's east, according to pictures posted to his Facebook account over the weekend.

The information was confirmed by the press service of the Azov regiment of the Ukrainian army, Mariupol news website 0629 reported Monday.

Mustang Wanted shot to fame for a stunt in Moscow in which he climbed to the top of one of Moscow's iconic Stalin-era skyscrapers and painted the star on top of it in the blue and yellow colors of Ukraine's national flag in a show of solidarity with Ukrainian troops.

He reportedly fled to Ukraine soon after Russian authorities issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of vandalism and hooliganism.

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