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Cold War: Russian Skiers Take to Slopes in Nothing But Bikinis (Video)

Almost two thousand people descended on the Russian ski resort of Sheregesh over the weekend wearing nothing but swimming costumes, in a bid to break one of the world's more eye-catching Guinness records.

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About 1,830 skiers and boarders took to the slopes on Saturday to set a new record for the number of people taking part in a so-called “bikini-descent” as part of the Grelka Fest ski festival, organizers said on their website.

Video footage uploaded to YouTube shows hundreds of brave men and women dressed in nothing but their bikinis and swimming trunks racing down a 500-meter slope at Sheregesh, a resort in southern Russia.

The record for the number of people taking part in a “bikini-descent” was set at the same resort in 2013, when 500 people braved the cold, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The organizers of the event have since filed an application with the Guinness Book of World Records to try to register the new record.

Watch the video here:

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