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Moscow's Biggest Penthouse on Sale for $11 Million

Moscow's largest penthouse is being sold for $11.5 million, news website reported on Monday, citing elite real estate agency Tweed.

The four-story penthouse has a total area of 1,150 square meters and is located on Rublyоvskоyе Shosse in a region favored by the city's business and political elite. The penthouse's asking price values each square meter at $9,565, the report said.

The second-largest penthouse on offer, a 783 square meter property on Kazarmenny Pereulok near Kurskaya metro in central Moscow, is on sale for $15 million, said. The third-largest, with an area of 739 square meters, is selling for $8.8 million.

The capital's smallest apartments are more modestly priced — the cheapest apartment in Moscow stood at 2.75 million rubles ($47,711) for just 11.5 square meters, news website reported earlier in March.

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