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Moscow Accuses U.S. of Attempting to Incite Russian Revolution

Russia on Wednesday warned the U.S. is cultivating means to foment a "color revolution" in Russia.

Russia's Security Council on Wednesday warned that the United States could be seeking to foment a revolution in Russia.

The council said in a statement on its website that the U.S. national security strategy adopted last month has a "clear anti-Russian orientation."

It added that the U.S. is cultivating means that could be used to incite a "color revolution" in Russia similar to ones that have toppled regimes in other former Soviet states.

"The ever-widening expansion to eliminate political regimes that are undesirable to the U.S. will acquire advanced means for [inciting] color revolutions, with a high probability of their application in regard to Russia," the statement said.

Russian authorities have reiterated on numerous occasions their apprehensions about the prospect of a color revolution happening in Russia.

Earlier this month President Vladimir Putin urged Interior Ministry officials to redouble efforts to smother any revolutionary movement that could "provoke civil conflict and strike a blow at our country's constitutional foundations."

Putin said at a Security Council meeting in November that color revolutions in the former Soviet Union should serve as a "lesson and warning" and that everything should be done to prevent one from occurring in Russia.

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