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Man Plunges 8 Stories After Angry Pensioner Cuts Rope

A pensioner has allegedly severed the alpinist rope her neighbor had been using in a bid to climb into his wife's apartment.

A Vyborg pensioner is facing attempted murder charges for having allegedly severed the alpinist rope her neighbor had been using in an ill-fated bid to climb into his wife's apartment, local investigators have announced.

The married couple, both in their early 30s, were celebrating the birthday of their 3-year-old daughter one evening in late February, local news site reported.

The husband and wife lived in separate rooms on different floors of the same building, and after the two parted ways for the evening, the husband reportedly became jealous, suspecting that his wife may have let another man into her bed.

The husband, a reputed mountain-climbing enthusiast, attached a rope to the building's roof and tried to climb down to his wife's window, like he had done many times before, according to

The pensioner, having grown tired of the man's past mountaineering endeavors, reportedly cut the rope as the man hovered outside of the eighth floor of the building, causing him to plummet to the asphalt below.

He survived the fall, and is now undergoing treatment for his injuries in an area hospital.

The Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case against the 68-year-old pensioner on attempted murder charges, and an investigation is under way, the committee said Monday in a statement.

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