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Moscow 43rd of World's 50 Safest Cities

In terms of personal safety, Moscow came in second to last, followed only by Santiago, Chile.

Moscow ranked 43rd out of 50 in a recent rating of the world's safest cities compiled by The Economist magazine.

The Safe Cities Index evaluated cities in four different categories: personal safety, health security, infrastructure safety and digital security.

Moscow had a total score of 61.6 out of 100.

In terms of digital security, Moscow came in 46th place out of 50. The ranking singled out the city for being worst "when it comes to measuring the number of infected computers."

The report also referenced an alarming case of cyber espionage that occurred last November, when "authorities became aware of a Russian website streaming live video feeds from thousands of webcams set up in homes, schools and businesses across the world."

Moscow performed significantly better in terms of health security, coming in at 24th place, ahead of Rome and Los Angeles. The ranking was based on factors such as the ratio of hospital beds to population and size, and life expectancy.

Moscow's notorious roads and traffic landed the city in 41st place for infrastructure safety, followed by Mumbai and Mexico City.

In terms of personal safety, the city came in second to last, followed only by Santiago, Chile.

The top three safest cities overall were Tokyo, Singapore and Osaka.

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