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Russian Post at Last to Offer Home Delivery

Russian Post was ranked among the world's worst in a 2012 study of 157 postal carriers.

Russian Post has begun delivering large packages directly to people's doorsteps, according to a press release issued by the state-owned national postal service on Wednesday.

The new policy is likely to be a welcome change for Russians, who under normal procedures must visit a post office and wait in line — sometimes for hours — to receive packages.

But while the new service brings the often-derided mail carrier more into line with its international peers, it won't quite be a matter of waiting for the postman to call at your door.

Delivery service, which is only valid for packages of up to 2 kilograms, costs 100 rubles ($1.50) and must be arranged by calling the local post office. If the recipient is not home at the time of delivery they will have to then go back the post office to receive their package, bringing the likely now irritable customer back to square one.

Russian Post plans to improve the system, however, by allowing customers to arrange deliveries by text or mobile application, as well as eventually cancel the 2-kilogram weight limit.

Russian Post was ranked among the world's worst in a 2012 study of 157 postal carriers, with delays in delivering mail of up to six months.

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