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Russian Nightclub Names New Year's Party After Holocaust Massacre

A club in Perm has invited guests to a New Year's Eve party called "The Night of Broken Glass" — unwittingly asking them to celebrate the holidays using the name of a brutal series of attacks against Jews in Nazi Germany in 1938.

The website of club Rhinestone features a description of the New Year's Eve party that asks guests: "What are you waiting for every new year? A miracle, of course! This is perhaps the one and only holiday when everyone wants to believe in magic. Rhinestone invites you to meet 2015 with wonder!"

It was unclear whether the club's organizers were aware that they had named the event after such a notorious historical event, an atrocity that resulted in more than 1,000 deaths after paramilitary forces launched a coordinated massacre against Jewish people, destroying Jewish homes, schools, businesses and sending thousands more to concentration camps.

Vadim Yusupov, director of the Norman-Vivat chain, which owns the club, has spoken out against the offensive name of the event.

"We have a club manager who decides such things, but as founders, we think that naming this event after something so well-known all over the world is just senseless. Most likely, they will fix the name," Yusupov was cited as saying by the news site MediaZona.

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